Hi, there! I’m Natasha! Welcome to The Go and Glow Project. This blog, this business, this brand and this entire project is an epicenter for inspiration. I wanted to create a special place for you to come to listen to, read and watch stories about people who are blazing trails, having adventures and experiencing amazing breakthroughs in their lives. I wanted to create a special place for you to examine beauty in people, places and things. And most importantly, I wanted to give you support and coaching strategies to make your life more powerful.

Who am I?

I’m an entrepreneur, an empowerment coach, a marketing, sales and branding consultant, a Toastmaster, a professional voice-over actress, a world traveler, a former expat of China, a pink enthusiast (see entire blog and my outfit) and a newly-engaged excited bride-to-be!

What do I believe in?

I believe in the transformative power of gratitude. In adventures. In serving others. In personal development. In examining truth and beauty. In traveling with those who can appreciate culture and immersion.

I believe in social consciousness. In philanthropy. In the power of Oprah. And Michelle Obama. And Beyonce!

I believe in forgiveness. In creating possibilities. In meditation. In prayer.

Who and What do I Love?

I’m in love with children. I love the joy they express. I’m fascinated with their developmental stages and how teachers and parents shape them. And I love teachers.

I love fresh marketing and branding concepts. I love the psychology behind marketing and how people identify themselves with a brand.

I love writing. I love how writing something positive to someone makes me feel.

I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! (All caps were necessary, trust me.)

I love meeting new friends. I love my family. I love watching documentaries and comedies. And I love funny people!

What is my ‘WHY’ for The GO AND GLOW PROJECT?

My WHY is because I’m called to do it. I understand my purpose and my strengths. I love to pour into people with love and encouragement. I understand that my time here is short and I was called to fulfill a purpose of service. I’m playing a very BIG game. I’m living out loud. And also, because my WHY is YOU. YOU are my why. I want to see you GO AND GLOW! I want to see you achieve things you never thought you would. I want to serve as captain of the cheerleading squad and cheer you on! I want to stand in front of you with a bullhorn and exclaim your GREATNESS right to your face! I want to tell you how fantastic you are. Why? Because I believe in you.

So, let’s connect. Let’s get related. Let me and The Go and Glow Project bring you to your WHY.

Who are the Go’ers and the Glow’ers?

This project is for you. Whether you are ambitious or you can’t seem to focus in on what it is you want to do. Whether you want to be a free spirit and travel the world or you want to just break out of the same old routine and start having adventures right where you are.

It’s for the believers and especially for the non-believers. It’s for those who need inspiration as much as it is for those who are inspiring. We all have a way of shining brightly and influencing others positively.

I want us all to hitch our wagons to a star and GO AND GLOW together.

What can you look forward to with The GO AND GLOW PROJECT?

In deciding what content to create for this project, I wanted to reach across all platforms so that everyone could be inspired. So, if you’re a Youtuber I have some videos for you…check out Go and Glow TV! on the TV tab. If you like blogs – welcome! If you listen to podcasts, Go and Glow! with Natasha Cole is on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Podomatic. But since you’re here, you can listen to the show right here on the blog!  And if you like social media (who doesn’t?) we’re on Instagram and Twitter …and of course Facebook.

The Go and Glow Project will also soon launch a fun merchandise line that’ll be aimed towards those who love to inspire people and who GO and GLOW! I can’t wait to share some items I’ve curated and some I’ve created. For now, check out the SHOP tab for some fun items!

I’ve also created Go and Glow! Academy for the aspiring entrepreneurial women. Check out the information products and the services we offer to assist you in marketing, branding, implementation and personal and professional development.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you in advance for subscribing to the blog and all of our other social media sites. For sharing my content. For being an encouraging ball of energy to those around you and to those you don’t even know. I look forward to having you shine your Love and Light on The Go and Glow Project.

Send me an email at Natasha@GoandGlowProject.com