I Need You

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I need you

Hi, Glowers!

There are times in our lives when we will need to enlist other people to help us through our journeys. Most of us have plans to inspire and lead and grow ourselves and our brands, and we simply cannot do that alone. We may think that we appear to be small or weak to others when we ask for help, but in actuality, we empower other people when we allow them to assist us in bringing our dreams to life.

Think about how proud your mom and aunts are to call you their daughter/son or niece/nephew when you accomplish something big in your life. Now, imagine how it must feel if they were a major contribution to your success. Imagine how proud they must feel if they drove you to your piano lessons as a kid – and now you’ve put out an album on iTunes. Imagine if they lent you money to start your first t-shirt line – and now they can buy your t-shirts out of the local Target. Imagine if they helped you paint and put in new floors of your first brick and mortar business – and now you’ve got franchises all over the city!

Your family and friends can celebrate and bask in the accomplishments with you! They have a proud feeling of accomplishment that they can share with you. They have invested in you and they believed in you. And sometimes you aren’t able to repay them in monetary ways or with time equivalency, and that’s ok. The result of you being a successful product of your family and friend’s gracious and generous contributions is a currency greater than money and time.

If you’ve ever read Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Think and Grow Rich‘, you know that you need a Mastermind, or a team of people to contribute to your success. You need a team of people to meet with every week to ideate with you. You need these people to leverage knowledge, skill sets and talents that you may not have to advance your ideas. You need minds, creativity, resources and money other than your own.

So, my request is for you to go out and enlist someone to help you with your cause. Choose at least 4 people to build a Mastermind with. Consider these 4 people your Board of Directors. Devise a schedule to meet with all of these people together on the same day every week and create an agenda. Delegate tasks. Hold people accountable. Cultivate an environment of sharing. And most of all, be open to receive the love and support people will want to give you.

It takes a team of people to build something great.

And it takes a really POWERFUL person to say “I need you.”

Until the next blog post, GO AND GLOW!

xo, Natasha

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  1. Meya Fortune

    I love it! This advice was right on time for me!

  2. I love this idea! It seems I have heard the term “mastermind” like 3-4 times in the last week. I love this post and I have already been working on a group of individuals that I want to work with to help get the word out about BeFree Project. Great post!

    • That’s awesome that you’re working on one! I know it’s going to be amazing because you’re living in your passion! Thank you for visiting the blog, too! Love and Light to you!

  3. This is so true. Sometimes we get used to doing things on our own that we forget any cause would be 10xs better if more people contributed their thoughts/ideas/encouragement. Thank you Natasha for reminding me we are part of something greater than ourselves and only with the help of community can we get the message across. 🙂

    • Kayla, thank you! And yes, we do need others to spread the love and light. It takes a village. 🙂

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