Let the Light In to Let the Light Out

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lightHi, Glowers!

How do you handle being stressed? How does your day occur for you when things aren’t going your way? Do you tend to become loud and unpleasant with people? Do you darken other people’s day when yours isn’t full of light? Have you found yourself having a string of bad things to continue to happen in that day, or maybe even the whole week following one unfavorable circumstance after another?

Well, consider taking in some LIGHT. The more light you take in affords you more light to give out.

What is the “LIGHT” I’m referring to?

The light is the source that ignites your joy.

For some, it’s God or prayer. For others, it’s yoga, meditation, affirmations or chanting.

Light can be positive quotes, books and personal development strategies. Light can come from your Life Coach, therapist, or mentor. Maybe you consume light from your favorite spiritual podcasts or from your pastor’s daily e-newsletters. I know we all get those emails from Joel Osteen that seems to speak to us and cheer us up everyday. Or perhaps your light comes from The Go and Glow Project (shameless plug).

If we consume negative energy, it zaps our vitality, our strength and our health and wellness. It literally makes us look and feel older and sluggish.

In the laws of karma, we emit energy (thoughts, feelings and vibrations) and if we emit negative energy – it will be magnetized right back to us. And, the same goes for positive energy.

So, as a personal rule, we have to be mindful of any toxic people, behavior, activities and environments that contribute negatively to our energy. And if we come in contact with those circumstances we have to combat them by aligning ourselves with people and things that ignite our lights and feed us positive energy.

So, identify your LIGHT source. Identify who or what is your candle, your sun, your fire.

Once you have done that – you’ll know how to get to it when your day is going bad. You’ll have that person or thing on speed dial or at arm’s reach. You’ll make that conscious decision to turn your day around and not dwell in negative and destructive thoughts.

More importantly, you’ll know how to let that light in so that ultimately, YOU can be the LIGHT for someone else.

I wish you love and light in your life today and always.

Until the next blog post, GO AND GLOW!

xo, Natasha

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  1. This is such a great intro post to set the tone of your project. I am truly inspired. I can’t wait to read the others.I am a big believer that our environment and the people in it affect us. My light comes from different sources. I am a self help fan in general. I like positive quotes, etc. Also, helping others also brings me light.

    • Hi Kayla! Thank you so much for sharing your light. You’re very inspiring, too! Thank you for visiting the blog!

  2. I love it cousin! Your doing an awesome job being the light for others as well as my self with sharing your journey and experiences. I look forward to reading more! love you and I’m so very proud of ALL your endeavors. God is using and leading you. Be well!

    • Cousin! Thank you so much for supporting The Go and Glow Project! You are also a light for us women. God bless you and love you, too!

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