Merry Christmas!

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Hey Glowers!

I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

I went to church a few days ago and the Bishop’s daughter said that we spend so much time in the malls during Christmas buying gifts for everyone, but what gifts do we have to give to the The King? And I thought that was such a powerful question. It made me think about my brand and if I was using my gifts that God gave ME to give back to HIM. I had to think about my mission and make sure it was anchored in God’s message.

From time to time, I’ll sit down and go over my mission statement to make sure I’m following through with what I say I want to do, and to remind myself of what I haven’t done yet. But this was the first time that I decided to make sure my values were aligned with what I believe God wants me to do and how He wants to use me.

So, I challenge you today and in 2015 to anchor your brand and your mission in whatever higher power you believe in and whatever principles you stand for. We can go that much further when our mission and message is bigger than us.
I hope you are enjoying your holidays with your family and friends.

Until the next post,

Go and Glow!

XO, Natasha Cole


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