Activate Your Awesome Free Online Summer Camp for Girls Has Launched!


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{Announcement} I’m launching my new FREE digital summer camp for young preteens & teens today!

Do you have a daughter, niece or student who needs motivation and empowerment? Would you like her to have more exposure to positive content? Will you be looking for something inspiring to involve her in this summer that could keep her busy with meaningful activities and powerful conversation? And maybe you don’t have time to drive her to a camp every week or every day?

Well, the ACTIVATE YOUR AWESOME Online Summer Camp is the perfect thing for her! We’ll be diving into ways to activate those dormant super powers our girls have inside of them and how to GO AND GLOW in the world. All you have to do is fill out the form on my website to enroll for FREE and we begin class on Tuesday June 30th at 7:30 pm EST and every Tuesday for 8 weeks.

Share this post on Facebook and social media with your mom friends and teacher friends. The first 5 registrants will get a discount on the live event in August in Atlanta.

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Natasha Cole

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Podcast Episode 014: Branding Your Blog with Siedah Mitchum

Hey Glowers,

In this episode I interview Siedah Mitchum, website design guru, coach and fellow podcaster. She shares really important gems about why having a clean website can add to your business and why branding your blog attracts more leads. She also opens up about what it felt like to leave her job and ramp up her part-time business to full-time.

I love interviewing courageous, creative, entreprenerial women like Siedah because she proves that you can have a business that is creative and thrive in it. Siedah now hosts The Freedom Biz Podcast where she also interviews other creatives and entrepreneurs, so head on over to her website to take a listen.

And thanks for subscribing to my iTunes account as well as my #GoandGlowTV channel on Youtube. Also, if you haven’t yet already – don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter on my blog to get more life and business hacks straight to your mailbox.

Until the next episode,

Go and Glow!

Love, Natasha Cole



How to Profit from Your Passion


I know you’ve been working hard since my last post, but I just wanted to pop back in to see how things have been going from a creative and marketing standpoint? Have you been taking action with those brilliant ideas you have? Have you been doing 1 or 2 things for your business everyday? I hope so. In my head I like to imagine that you have been on the phone closing deals, getting mentored and crafting creative ideas for your business! That’s way more fun! But I know that the reality may be that life can sometimes get in the way and several people may have told you ‘no’ and no one has time to sit down and mentor you (except me!) and you’ve run out of creative ideas to brand and market yourself and/or your business.

Well, if that latter scenario somewhat describes your life, or if you have a girlfriend who’s been experiencing those slumps in her business and in her life – I want to invite you to my FREE virtual workshop called Idea to Income: The Art of Profiting From Your Passion tonight March 24th at 9pm EST/8pm CST.


idea to income webinar
As you may remember, in January, myself and Courtney Sanders of Think and Grow Chick, hosted a live workshop here in Atlanta called Launch Your Life and we received so many positive reviews and very meaningful feedback about the curriculum and the activities. And we also got tons of emails from women around the country – and in the UK – asking us to come to their city or country with the Launch Your Life workshop. But since it took quite a bit of time putting together that one live workshop –  we realize we don’t have the time to immediately plan to go on tour. Yet, we still want to connect with the women who couldn’t attend the one in Atlanta and we want to give away the information we taught as quickly as possible because we understand that there are some businesses on the line and there are some women with amazing ideas who need to get started implementing those ideas like YESTERDAY!

So, we’ve decided to host this webinar and add a few new strategies and help you and more women profit from your passion! If you weren’t able to attend the live event and you don’t even know where to start with your business, please join our webinar party and have some fun learning and masterminding with us!  Click here to register for FREE now.

We even tried to accomodate you by not scheduling it during Scandal or Empire! We get some cool points for that at least, right? 😉

The Idea to Income Webinar is TOTALLY FREE! You just need to sign up by clicking this link, as I won’t be sending out the replay to my newsletter list; only to those who signed up for it.

If you want to learn strategies to brand and market yourself and your business, or if you’re already doing a great job and just want to do a check-off list of what you could be doing differently, OR if you want to give some tips to the other women who will be attending the webinar (we’ll have a chat box for questions and comments that we’ll answer live) please join us! We love teaching just as much as we love learning! Plus, we have some Millennial women like you who will attend to network with other powerful women your age and who wants to make some new friends. We’ll have some social media interaction and that’s always cool because you can connect with like-minded women and see what everyone is up to with their platforms.

So, click here if you’re interested. If not, no worries. I’ll be creating other resources for you to use really soon!

I hope you have an amazing rest of the week and I’ll be in touch soon!

Go and Glow!

Natasha Cole

Podcast Episode 012: Be Free with Siobhan Sudberry

Hey Glowers!

In this episode, Life Coach and Blogger of the BeFree Project, Siobhan Sudberry talks to us about how getting laid off from work led her to pursue her dreams of running a successful coaching business and becoming a full-time blogger. She credits having helped so many women through coaching before she was laid off as the deciding factor to pursue it full-time, and how operating in her purpose even before she turned it into a business gave her perspective of what her gifts were … and that she needed to assist women in discovering their gifts as well.


Besides 1-on-1 coaching, Siobhan expands her platform to women by hosting her quarterly BeFree Life Classes, which are events where entrepreneurial women meet up to mastermind and learn and share life and business hacks. To purchase tickets to her next event, click here. She also shares coaching tips on her BeFree TV channel and through her blog. And she just recently launched her BeFree Life Workbook which helps women who feel stuck, unfulfilled and unmotivated jumpstart their journey to being free with affirmations, reflective questions and life coaching tips.

Listen to how Siobhan manages a business, a family, relationships with clients and her upcoming projects she’s working on.

To contact Siobhan, book her for coaching or to attend her events, click here or email her at

And to contact me, email me at to schedule a marketing and branding consultation. And if you’re looking to expand your business with an at-home self-study learning kit, check out The Go and Glow Academy where I’ve launched an audio course + workbook companion that has marketing, branding, implementation and personal development strategies. And subscribe to my blog and newsletter at to get updates on events for The Go and Glow Project, to hear other inspiring women’s interviews like Siobhan’s, and to get information on the projects I’m launching.

Until the next episode,



Natasha Cole

Chief Glow-Getter

Podcast Episode 008: 5 Ways to Enter 2015 Purposefully and Powerfully

Hey Glowers,

This episode is about entering 2015 purposefully and powerfully. I’ve included my audio from my Go and Glow Power Hour teleclass that I teach every Monday night. In this particular teleclass, I give 5 ways to step into the new year with new habits and no distractions.

For marketing, branding and personal development tips and to attend my #GoandGlowPowerHour, call in every Monday night at (530) 881-1212. Use access code 433-149-486. And to get on my list, email me at to receive the worksheets and homework assignments I give every week.

Visit my website for more inspiring content.

Happy New Year!

XO, Natasha Cole

Podcast Episode 005: International Entrepreneurship and Education with Gahmya Jenell

Hey Glowers,

Today’s podcast episode is an interview with the 2x Tedx Speaker, International Educator and Entrepreneur, Gahmya Jenell Drummond-Bey. She’s an American currently living in South Korea  – teaching and launching her own online educational platform. She speaks 5 languages, (yes, 5!) and has traveled the world – first living in Turkmenistan where she began her career in community health and education advocacy and also first explored the expat life.

A few great gems (out of the many) Gahmya shared with us in this interview are:

1. “If we allow ourselves to be mediocre, there’s someone out there being disappointed who won’t get what they need.”

2. “Our ability to breathe and exist is not for free. It’s the duty of each and every one of us to give what it is in us to give to the world to pay for our existence.”

3. “I say yes to myself as much as possible.”

4. “I had a rule of keeping my 20’s to myself.”

5. “Anytime you evolve and love on yourself you allow yourself to shine…to Go and Glow!”

Take a listen to this episode and share it with your friends who are entrepreneurs and who are educators! Gahmya gives great tips on how to build your own business with your own curriculum, which will give insight to teachers on how to work for the system and still create your own brand. To contact Gahmya, visit her website at

And to contact me, book me for speaking events or for life coaching, branding and marketing consulting –  visit my website at  or email me at

Until the next episode, Go and Glow! Natasha Cole

Finding Beauty in Nature

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Hey Glowers,

Today, on my morning run, I ran past at least 10 of the most beautiful red/auburn-leaved trees. And at each one that I ran past I stopped to take a photo because they looked like screensavers and really made the neighborhood look gorgeous. The last tree in this photo had a sunray beaming next to it, which I didn’t notice until after I took it and walked back into the house and went through all of them. I know that this has to be a metaphor for a few things: 

1. When you start to find the beauty in life and become grateful for everything, the Universe conspires to give you more things to be grateful for. 

2. Your journey will reveal to you everything you need to know about yourself through people, through losses, through experiences, through love, and through nature – if you just pay attention. 

3. There’s always God’s light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Enjoy today and go find your sunray! 

Go and Glow!

#GoandGlowPowerHour Teleclass Live on Monday Nights at 8pm Est!

Power Hour FlyerHey, Glowers!

I would love for you to join me tonight and every Monday for a free live event. I’ll be teaching a teleclass on Internet Marketing, Branding, and Implementation Strategies for your business, brand and blog! And of course I’m going to throw in some fun personal development hacks as a bonus!

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, or if you’re wondering what kind of business or brand you should start, you’ll love this class. With my experience as a branding consultant and my implementation project management background, I’d love to share some tips to help you Go and Glow!

The world is waiting on you to give your gift away. Why not learn how to do that? For free!

Every week, you can look forward to my #GOANDGLOWPOWERHOUR being interactive, introspective and fun! We’ll have some fun prizes, activities, homework and some social media interaction, so don’t forget to add me on Instagram at NatashaCole_ and Twitter at _NatashaCole. And hashtag #GOANDGLOWPOWERHOUR. Let’s all connect and play together! We’re also on Facebook at

PRINT OUT MY WORKSHEETS or grab a notebook or open your Evernote and get ready to learn some ways to impact and lead with your powerful message and powerful marketing.

Leave a comment below or email me ( for the worksheets!! 

Don’t forget to text a friend and invite her! Call in at (530) 881-1212. The code is 433-149-486.

I can’t wait to meet you tonight in class!

xo, Natasha Cole

Goddess Rising

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Goddess RisingHi, Glowers! Or should I say Goddesses!

When I use to teach literature, I was in love with Greek mythology and the narratives of art, love, culture, war, passion, temptation, betrayal and the lessons in all of them. One of the most significant pieces of Greek literature (and my favorite) that happens to embody all of those themes in one story is The Odyssey by Homer. The Odyssey is about a man, Odysseus, who has to leave his family and his kingdom behind to fight in the Trojan War. And on his journey there and back, he encounters many obstacles and experiences that reveal his character, his strengths, his leadership, his weaknesses, his pride and his wit. Along his odyssey, we’re introduced to several gods, muses, creatures and goddesses who contribute to his revelations about himself.

After having read and taught this epic poem countless times, I grew to appreciate the themes of Greek literature and the roles of the goddesses. And I often found myself comparing my character, my strengths, my leadership, my weaknesses, my pride, my gifts, and my wit to that of Odysseus and obviously to the goddesses. I wanted to understand myself through these immortals. I was allured by the charm and the grace of the goddesses. I began to have revelations about myself through these stories and other epic tales in history. I wanted to know how far back could I transport myself into different historical time periods as a Greek goddess, an African queen, and a British royal. (Perhaps I’ll write a blog post about the latter two another time.)

So, I began to research the archetypes of a few Greek goddesses. Some questions I had for myself when I researched the archetypes were:

1. Who are you in the face of adversity?

2. What do you have to give to the world?

3. How do you nurture your relationships?

4. What’s your personal code of ethics?

5. Are you a peaceful person and do you leave people with a feeling of peace?

6. Are you artistic and creative?

7. Are you a powerful force in leadership settings? Does it come natural for you to lead others?

Those questions all had relevance to the themes of the narratives each of the goddesses appeared in. Once I was able to answer those questions I could identify more authentically with other powerful women – mortals and immortals. It was cool to read about other female warriors who had the same fortitude and ambition for life like me.

Knowing your personality type can help you to improve your personal relationship with yourself as well as with others, help you to understand your strengths and how to use them in your career, and how to harness your power, your beauty and your importance…as a woman…and as a Goddess Rising.

So, below is a list of goddesses with short descriptions about them, and I am challenging you to do a little research on the Goddess archetype that is a reflection of you. First, answer the 7 questions above, and then begin your research. Note that these goddesses have been curated from different Greek stories, not necessarily from The Odyssey.

1. Nike – Goddess of victory.

2. Eos – Goddess of the dawn who  brought hope to a brand new day.

3. Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty.

4. Athena – Goddess of war, wisdom, poetry and art.

5. Artemis – Goddess of hunting, nature, and birth.

6. Atalanta – Goddess of competition, adventure, and was an amazing runner!

7. Demeter – Goddess of harvesting, growing and preserving.

8. Dike – Goddess of moral justice.

9. Eirene – Goddess of peace.

10. Hera – Goddess of marriage.

11. Hygeia – Goddess of cleanliness, hygiene and good health.

So, what did you think? Leave some comments below and tell me which goddess are you and how her story resonates with your life?

I hope you were able to find this activity meaningful, and more importantly – I hope it can serve as a resource for your journey to empowerment and self-actualization.

Until the next blog post, Go and Glow!

xo, Natasha Cole

I Need You

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I need you

Hi, Glowers!

There are times in our lives when we will need to enlist other people to help us through our journeys. Most of us have plans to inspire and lead and grow ourselves and our brands, and we simply cannot do that alone. We may think that we appear to be small or weak to others when we ask for help, but in actuality, we empower other people when we allow them to assist us in bringing our dreams to life.

Think about how proud your mom and aunts are to call you their daughter/son or niece/nephew when you accomplish something big in your life. Now, imagine how it must feel if they were a major contribution to your success. Imagine how proud they must feel if they drove you to your piano lessons as a kid – and now you’ve put out an album on iTunes. Imagine if they lent you money to start your first t-shirt line – and now they can buy your t-shirts out of the local Target. Imagine if they helped you paint and put in new floors of your first brick and mortar business – and now you’ve got franchises all over the city!

Your family and friends can celebrate and bask in the accomplishments with you! They have a proud feeling of accomplishment that they can share with you. They have invested in you and they believed in you. And sometimes you aren’t able to repay them in monetary ways or with time equivalency, and that’s ok. The result of you being a successful product of your family and friend’s gracious and generous contributions is a currency greater than money and time.

If you’ve ever read Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Think and Grow Rich‘, you know that you need a Mastermind, or a team of people to contribute to your success. You need a team of people to meet with every week to ideate with you. You need these people to leverage knowledge, skill sets and talents that you may not have to advance your ideas. You need minds, creativity, resources and money other than your own.

So, my request is for you to go out and enlist someone to help you with your cause. Choose at least 4 people to build a Mastermind with. Consider these 4 people your Board of Directors. Devise a schedule to meet with all of these people together on the same day every week and create an agenda. Delegate tasks. Hold people accountable. Cultivate an environment of sharing. And most of all, be open to receive the love and support people will want to give you.

It takes a team of people to build something great.

And it takes a really POWERFUL person to say “I need you.”

Until the next blog post, GO AND GLOW!

xo, Natasha

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