Podcast Episode 011: To the Moon and Back with Author Chaneta Forts

Hey Glowers!

In this episode, author, singer and songwriter, Chaneta Forts, talks about her new children’s book “Moon, Moon, Moon! Did You Brush Your Teeth?”  She also shares how singing and touring around the world with some of the most famous people has inspired her to keep dreaming BIG and to keep creating content that inspires the world. Chaneta was inspired to write Moon after she had a conversation with her son, Justin, who innocently pointed out and asked had the yellow moon brushed his teeth! Cute, right? She says she wanted to use this special moment to teach other children the importance of dental hygiene, so she wrote the book – and as a bonus she recorded a 2 minute song for children to listen to and brush their teeth along with it!

Listen as Chaneta shares her plans to expand her book empire and other projects she’s working on. You can purchase the book on Amazon, or at http://moonbrushyourteeth.com/. You can also like the page on Facebook and keep up with future announcements and workshops here.

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