#GoandGlowPowerHour Teleclass Live on Monday Nights at 8pm Est!

Power Hour FlyerHey, Glowers!

I would love for you to join me tonight and every Monday for a free live event. I’ll be teaching a teleclass on Internet Marketing, Branding, and Implementation Strategies for your business, brand and blog! And of course I’m going to throw in some fun personal development hacks as a bonus!

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, or if you’re wondering what kind of business or brand you should start, you’ll love this class. With my experience as a branding consultant and my implementation project management background, I’d love to share some tips to help you Go and Glow!

The world is waiting on you to give your gift away. Why not learn how to do that? For free!

Every week, you can look forward to my #GOANDGLOWPOWERHOUR being interactive, introspective and fun! We’ll have some fun prizes, activities, homework and some social media interaction, so don’t forget to add me on Instagram at NatashaCole_ and Twitter at _NatashaCole. And hashtag #GOANDGLOWPOWERHOUR. Let’s all connect and play together! We’re also on Facebook at Facebook.com/GoandGlowProject.

PRINT OUT MY WORKSHEETS or grab a notebook or open your Evernote and get ready to learn some ways to impact and lead with your powerful message and powerful marketing.

Leave a comment below or email me (GoandGlowProject@gmail.com) for the worksheets!! 

Don’t forget to text a friend and invite her! Call in at (530) 881-1212. The code is 433-149-486.

I can’t wait to meet you tonight in class!

xo, Natasha Cole

Podcast Episode 003: Giving Back with Traci Howell

Hi, Glowers!

This podcast episode of “Go and Glow! with Natasha Cole” introduces Public Relations Maven and C.E.O. of the S.H.E. Agency, Traci Howell to our show! Traci is a powerful community leader and philanthropist who mentors young teens and spearheads multiple projects for social change.

She shares with us the jewels of running her own business, building a great team who shares her vision and the importance of reaching back to her community. She also discusses her personal triumphs of dealing with hearing loss and using her platform to encourage people to be victorious in their own lives, instead of being victims. Take a listen.

To be involved or donate to Traci’s charities and events, go to www.SHEAGENCY.com

And for more inspiring content, check out my blog at www.GoandGlowProject.com and subscribe to this podcast on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/go-and-glow!-with-natasha-cole/id918593640.

You can also check out Go and Glow TV! on Youtube at Youtube.com/GoandGlowProject.

Or if you’d like to contact me, email me at GoandGlowProject@gmail.com.

Go and Glow!

Natasha Cole