Podcast Episode 011: To the Moon and Back with Author Chaneta Forts

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In this episode, author, singer and songwriter, Chaneta Forts, talks about her new children’s book “Moon, Moon, Moon! Did You Brush Your Teeth?”  She also shares how singing and touring around the world with some of the most famous people has inspired her to keep dreaming BIG and to keep creating content that inspires the world. Chaneta was inspired to write Moon after she had a conversation with her son, Justin, who innocently pointed out and asked had the yellow moon brushed his teeth! Cute, right? She says she wanted to use this special moment to teach other children the importance of dental hygiene, so she wrote the book – and as a bonus she recorded a 2 minute song for children to listen to and brush their teeth along with it!

Listen as Chaneta shares her plans to expand her book empire and other projects she’s working on. You can purchase the book on Amazon, or at http://moonbrushyourteeth.com/. You can also like the page on Facebook and keep up with future announcements and workshops here.

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Go and Glow TV Episode 9: How to be Successful – Your Story of Excellence

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Hey Glowers!
This episode of Go and Glow TV! talks about the 5 areas of your life you strive to be excellent in. We have the power to create possibilities for our new way of being and we can rewrite our story of excellence. How do you want to occur in the world? How do you want to show up in your relationships? What kind of impact do you want to have? Watch this video and complete the exercise and share your new story of excellence below!

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Podcast Episode 009: Fashion & Philanthropy with Alma Mei

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This episode of Go and Glow! is an interview with fashionpreneurs Gaby Ortega and Liz De La Cruz-Jean of Alma Mei, an online fashion boutique that donates a percentage of every purchase to non-profit organizations. How cool is that, right!?

‘Alma’ which means ‘Soul’ in Spanish and ‘Mei’ which means ‘Beautiful’ in Mandarin expresses the spirit of the woman who embraces her sense of fashion as well as her sense of purpose. The Alma Mei girl doesn’t just look good – she gives back to her community. Check out the hashtag #LookGoodDoGood to see the ‘Beautiful Souls’ out there spreading awareness for different causes.

Based in Miami, Gaby and Liz share their entrepreneur and philanthropic journey, the impact their brand has had on the fashion community and the Latina community, and jewels on relationship building and collaboration. They also give great tips on how to manage a full-time job, a family and a personal life all while running a business.

To shop with Alma Mei, or to find out how to partner with them for events, fashion shows and/or charities, go to www.AlmaMei.com.

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Go and Glow TV Episode 8: The Top 10 Leadership Qualities

Hey Glowers!

In Episode 8 of #GoandGlowTV, I’m discussing the top 10 leadership attributes to have for success based on the personal development and business bible “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Take a look, take notes and then order the book online.

Let me know what you thought about it after you’ve read it and feel free to share your favorite business books below!
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Podcast Episode 007: Glambitious with Lillie Mae

Hey Glowers!

This podcast episode is an interview with Public Relations goddess, Lillie Mae, of Lillie Mae PR. She’s an entrepreneur who manages a multi-faceted portfolio of client placements with national publications, philanthropic partnerships, educational initiatives, and product launches. And when she’s not busy handling projects for her clients, she’s touring the country to empower women and promote her books, “The PR Code” and “Glambitious”.

In the interview, Lillie Mae gives great jewels about why hiring a Public Relations team takes your business and brand to the next level, and she also talks about the importance of building relationships and networking.

Take a listen to this episode to hear about the amazing projects Lillie Mae has worked on and collaborated with. To contact her, go to her website at www.LillieMaePR.com and to be a part of her Glambitious Power Circle go to www.GlambitiousIAM.com for access to her monthly Power Calls, a business listing directory and professional development resources.

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Podcast Episode 005: International Entrepreneurship and Education with Gahmya Jenell

Hey Glowers,

Today’s podcast episode is an interview with the 2x Tedx Speaker, International Educator and Entrepreneur, Gahmya Jenell Drummond-Bey. She’s an American currently living in South Korea  – teaching and launching her own online educational platform. She speaks 5 languages, (yes, 5!) and has traveled the world – first living in Turkmenistan where she began her career in community health and education advocacy and also first explored the expat life.

A few great gems (out of the many) Gahmya shared with us in this interview are:

1. “If we allow ourselves to be mediocre, there’s someone out there being disappointed who won’t get what they need.”

2. “Our ability to breathe and exist is not for free. It’s the duty of each and every one of us to give what it is in us to give to the world to pay for our existence.”

3. “I say yes to myself as much as possible.”

4. “I had a rule of keeping my 20’s to myself.”

5. “Anytime you evolve and love on yourself you allow yourself to shine…to Go and Glow!”

Take a listen to this episode and share it with your friends who are entrepreneurs and who are educators! Gahmya gives great tips on how to build your own business with your own curriculum, which will give insight to teachers on how to work for the system and still create your own brand. To contact Gahmya, visit her website at http://www.koreamya.com/

And to contact me, book me for speaking events or for life coaching, branding and marketing consulting –  visit my website at http://www.GoandGlowProject.com  or email me at GoandGlowProject@gmail.com.

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Podcast Episode 004: Mindset, Motivation, Mastery and Money

Hey Glowers!

This podcast episode is about improving in the 4 important areas of our lives: Mindset, Motivation, Mastery and Money and finding ways to work around the distractors and the disruptors that keep us from getting serious about building our businesses. Have you gotten so close to getting your business off the ground, or mastering a skillset, or saving almost enough money to put a down payment on your dream home – only to have distractions that are really just a part of your regularly scheduled program get in the way of your success?

Well, take a listen to this episode to learn tips for being successful, achieving your goals and breaking your cycle of mediocrity. And as a bonus, find out how to get your friends and family to jump on the success train and jumpstart their businesses as well!

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The world is waiting on you to give your gift away. Why not learn how to do that? For free!

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Podcast Episode 003: Giving Back with Traci Howell

Hi, Glowers!

This podcast episode of “Go and Glow! with Natasha Cole” introduces Public Relations Maven and C.E.O. of the S.H.E. Agency, Traci Howell to our show! Traci is a powerful community leader and philanthropist who mentors young teens and spearheads multiple projects for social change.

She shares with us the jewels of running her own business, building a great team who shares her vision and the importance of reaching back to her community. She also discusses her personal triumphs of dealing with hearing loss and using her platform to encourage people to be victorious in their own lives, instead of being victims. Take a listen.

To be involved or donate to Traci’s charities and events, go to www.SHEAGENCY.com

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Podcast Episode 002: Embrace Your Awesome with Jacqueline Shaulis

Hi, Glowers!

This podcast episode of “Go and Glow! with Natasha Cole” introduces the ‘Chief Empress of Awesome’ – speaker and transformation coach – Jacqueline Shaulis to our show! Jacqueline has just wrapped up the first leg of her Embrace Your Awesome global tour where she traveled to 5 countries to promote and talk about her upcoming book, as well as to encourage people to step into their greatness. In this episode, she discusses managing her business, marriage and motherhood all while traveling the world to inspire others. Take a listen.

You can email her for a 30 minute coaching session at jks@jacquelineshaulis.com and put The Go and Glow Project in the subject line, or visit her website at jks.me.
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