How to Make Your Environment More Vibrant

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vibrantHey Glowers! If you’ve been anxious lately about going to work and being in the same monotonous, dreary environment, here are 5 quick tips to make your day more vibrant:

1. Meditate for 15-30 minutes every morning. Go in a quiet room or closet in your house and start your day by gifting yourself with some stillness.

2. Go for a quick run or workout. Go get your adrenaline pumping and stimulate your senses. When you work out or run first thing in the morning (as opposed to when you get off) you energize yourself and you’re more likely to go to work with a positive attitude and clear ideas, which communicates success to your colleagues and manager.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast. We’re all guilty of running out of the house some mornings without eating breakfast, but the fact that you’re already running late and you haven’t had a nutritious meal can set off the chaos (attracted from the outside) that will come when you haven’t balanced yourself from the inside.

4. Wear a vibrant, colorful dress or shirt/tie. We know that colors represent our moods, so wear something bright to enhance the mood of not just yourself, but the whole office.

5. Give a compliment. When you’re generous and kind with your words, you can change the whole alchemy of the office. Make a habit of complimenting someone in your office for an entire week. They can be different people, or the same person. People love it when others edify them. So, speak respectfully to someone as well as about them. Acknowledge them for something they did that was helpful to you or to the staff. Acknowledge someone for cleaning out the fridge at work, or when they wear a beautiful dress. Make people feel important and helpful.

Remember to always spread love and light, especially in environments you’ll have to be in permanently. You want to create and foster a peaceful space for yourself and your colleagues. Productivity is doubled when you have happy, vibrant people working together!

Until the next blog post, Go and Glow!

xo, Natasha Cole