Happy Valentine’s Day! Love YOURSELF with This…

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Hey Glowers!

I wanted to send some love and light (and Internet roses!) to you today to let you know that I’m thinking of you and I appreciate your support you’ve given me and my platform. And I also wanted to remind you to love YOURSELF today. You are so amazing and gorgeous and full of ambition! And you don’t need a holiday to celebrate those things. You should be celebrating yourself every day!

Celebrate how hard you’ve worked on yourself and your business. Celebrate how you’ve stuck to your new year’s resolutions so far and that you haven’t fallen off this month – and that YOU WON’T! And to keep you on track for the rest of the year, I’ve launched #GoandGlowAcademy!

The Go and Glow Academy is an online education portal with courses, information products and services to help you build your brand, market your services and grow into the highest version of yourself with personal development strategies. The first product in the Go and Glow Academy is an audio course + (35 page!) workbook companion,(#GoandGlowAudioCourse) and it has 15 modules (15 hours!) of marketing, branding, implementation and personal growth activities, resources and research that will be helpful and very much needed if you’re building your business and/or at least thinking about building one. And I’ve got a few special introductory offers that I wanted to give you since it’s the day for sharing love and giving gifts!

I’ve also added some fun products to the SHOP, so you can give the gift of business and personal development to your bestie for V-DAY! Hey, whoever said that today was just a romantic holiday? 🙂

I hope you enjoy your weekend and I especially hope you’re surrounded by love and laughter and positive people.


XO, Natasha Cole