Podcast Episode 012: Be Free with Siobhan Sudberry

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In this episode, Life Coach and Blogger of the BeFree Project, Siobhan Sudberry talks to us about how getting laid off from work led her to pursue her dreams of running a successful coaching business and becoming a full-time blogger. She credits having helped so many women through coaching before she was laid off as the deciding factor to pursue it full-time, and how operating in her purpose even before she turned it into a business gave her perspective of what her gifts were … and that she needed to assist women in discovering their gifts as well.


Besides 1-on-1 coaching, Siobhan expands her platform to women by hosting her quarterly BeFree Life Classes, which are events where entrepreneurial women meet up to mastermind and learn and share life and business hacks. To purchase tickets to her next event, click here. She also shares coaching tips on her BeFree TV channel and through her blog. And she just recently launched her BeFree Life Workbook which helps women who feel stuck, unfulfilled and unmotivated jumpstart their journey to being free with affirmations, reflective questions and life coaching tips.

Listen to how Siobhan manages a business, a family, relationships with clients and her upcoming projects she’s working on.

To contact Siobhan, book her for coaching or to attend her events, click here or email her at Siobhan@BeFreeProject.com.

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Podcast Episode 011: To the Moon and Back with Author Chaneta Forts

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In this episode, author, singer and songwriter, Chaneta Forts, talks about her new children’s book “Moon, Moon, Moon! Did You Brush Your Teeth?”  She also shares how singing and touring around the world with some of the most famous people has inspired her to keep dreaming BIG and to keep creating content that inspires the world. Chaneta was inspired to write Moon after she had a conversation with her son, Justin, who innocently pointed out and asked had the yellow moon brushed his teeth! Cute, right? She says she wanted to use this special moment to teach other children the importance of dental hygiene, so she wrote the book – and as a bonus she recorded a 2 minute song for children to listen to and brush their teeth along with it!

Listen as Chaneta shares her plans to expand her book empire and other projects she’s working on. You can purchase the book on Amazon, or at http://moonbrushyourteeth.com/. You can also like the page on Facebook and keep up with future announcements and workshops here.

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Podcast Episode 010: Luxurious Credit with Arnita Johnson

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In this episode, I interview certified credit consultant and CEO of AMB Credit Consultants and Luxurious Credit, Arnita Johnson. Arnita shares her incredible rags to riches story where just a few years ago she was going to check-cashing stores because of her bad credit to today having built a million dollar business.

Arnita’s credit repair business empowers women to build their dream homes, land their dream jobs and start their own businesses with the education and credit rehabilitation they receive from her agency. She also travels around the country speaking to and partnering with organizations to educate future home buyers and business owners about tier 1 credit, credit to debt ratio, the importance of nurturing your credit and making timely payments.

Take a listen to how a determined single mom used her passion of helping people create a platform that transforms lives with luxurious credit.

For your credit repair needs, go to http://www.ambcreditconsultants.com/ or to read Arnita’s blog visit http://luxuriouscredit.com/.

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Podcast Episode 007: Glambitious with Lillie Mae

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This podcast episode is an interview with Public Relations goddess, Lillie Mae, of Lillie Mae PR. She’s an entrepreneur who manages a multi-faceted portfolio of client placements with national publications, philanthropic partnerships, educational initiatives, and product launches. And when she’s not busy handling projects for her clients, she’s touring the country to empower women and promote her books, “The PR Code” and “Glambitious”.

In the interview, Lillie Mae gives great jewels about why hiring a Public Relations team takes your business and brand to the next level, and she also talks about the importance of building relationships and networking.

Take a listen to this episode to hear about the amazing projects Lillie Mae has worked on and collaborated with. To contact her, go to her website at www.LillieMaePR.com and to be a part of her Glambitious Power Circle go to www.GlambitiousIAM.com for access to her monthly Power Calls, a business listing directory and professional development resources.

And to contact me, book me for a speaking event or for life coaching, branding and marketing consulting – visit and subscribe to my website at www.GoandGlowProject.com or email me at GoandGlowProject@gmail.com. Also, don’t forget to check out #GoandGlowTV at Youtube.com/GoandGlowProject.

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Podcast Episode 002: Embrace Your Awesome with Jacqueline Shaulis

Hi, Glowers!

This podcast episode of “Go and Glow! with Natasha Cole” introduces the ‘Chief Empress of Awesome’ – speaker and transformation coach – Jacqueline Shaulis to our show! Jacqueline has just wrapped up the first leg of her Embrace Your Awesome global tour where she traveled to 5 countries to promote and talk about her upcoming book, as well as to encourage people to step into their greatness. In this episode, she discusses managing her business, marriage and motherhood all while traveling the world to inspire others. Take a listen.

You can email her for a 30 minute coaching session at jks@jacquelineshaulis.com and put The Go and Glow Project in the subject line, or visit her website at jks.me.
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Podcast Episode 001: 8 Questions to Keep You Aligned with Your Purpose

Hi, Glowers! This is the first Go and Glow Podcast episode. In this episode, I discuss how being uninspired in my career led me to travel and live abroad and experience life in an extraordinary, more meaningful way. If you’re feeling uninspired, unmotivated and you can’t seem to figure out how to live a more powerful, purposeful life – listen to this podcast and write down and reflect on the 8 questions I ask myself and my coaching clients.

1. What’s great about your life this week?

2. How have you grown this week?

3. How did you serve yourself this week?

4. How did you serve others this week?

5. Who and what are you grateful for?

6. Who’s grateful for you?

7. What did you learn this week?

8. How would you rate your life this week, using a scale of 1-10?

Develop a routine of asking yourself these questions every week and jotting down the answers in a journal. Hire a Life Coach, mentor or assign someone to be your accountability partner and start that project you’ve been wanting to start. Get out of the monotonous routine of going to work everyday and then going home to watch reality TV. Start living on purpose. Start serving others. Start serving yourself. Figure out what it is you want to spend your extra time doing so that you can turn that passion into a profit with a purpose!

Go and Glow!

xo, Natasha Cole