The Beginning of Summer ’16

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Hey Glowers!

I know I have some explaining to do. And I think you’re going to be able to appreciate this because so many of my centers of influence have told me how they wish they could’ve done what I just did.

I’ve just completed a Digital Detox that involved months of not being online and giving myself the permission to live authentically offline, develop more enriching relationships with the people who were around me, with my clients, with some of my networking friends on social media, and even with some of my followers.

During my detox I was working on building websites and marketing/branding collateral for clients – and then they would start to refer me – and before you knew it I was creating platforms for other people and somewhat neglecting my own. I’ve also been working on a few other projects, consulting and creating additional streams of income. I realized, actually, that I was getting more clients (and a few more coins) by word of mouth/referral and not necessarily through social media.

So, I’ve had to take on the challenge of getting back to empowering women through my Go and Glow!brand online, yet still finding balance in growing my business offline as much as possible. And can I be completely honest? In a lot of ways I feel I’ve graduated from social media engagement. I just don’t have the time to be on there as much as I did last year. You know how you feel bad when you go to your family reunion and you know you hadn’t been in touch with a lot of family and you don’t really know what’s going on in their lives? That’s how I sort of feel now. Some of my followers have had some amazing things happen in their businesses and brands – and in their lives, and I’ve missed those things within the last few months. And some of you have emailed me and checked on me and filled me in on what’s been going on and have shared your accomplishments, and I’m so appreciative of that! And so proud of everyone. And a little sad I wasn’t there to hi-five you on your courage and girlboss-ness. (Is that a word?)  Also, I have a little shrine of the cards, notes and emails you guys sent me – which filled my love tank all the way up. Thank You.

But for those who are still feeling a bit confused, disempowered or unchampioned – I’m here to lift you back up and to get you off that social media addiction (unless you’re using it to make money) and into your passion. It’s definitely time for you to stop watching everyone else and start detoxing from things that distract you from your purpose.

I was thinking about having a call soon where we could all share some of the awesome breakthroughs we’ve been having as well as some Q & A on what you could be doing to go to the very next level, even if it’s a tiny baby step level.  Would you be interested in that? If so, reply back and let me know. I would absolutely love to talk to you and hear what you’ve done, what you need and how you want to start the 2nd part of this year off.

In the meantime, if you’re in the Atlanta area I’ll be a panelist at the Unlocked Summit this coming Saturday and I’ll be sharing how to UNLOCK YOUR GLOW. When I tell you I am SO EXCITED about this summit because the founders are amazing women who share so many of the same philosophies as me regarding female empowerment and entrepreneurship. And they’ve built this amazing community of women who all are on the same path as you and who are trying to find the resources to build their empires. They’ve had summits in Detroit, Chicago and now it’ll be here in Atlanta this Friday and Saturday June 3 & 4.

So, come out and see me and the other speakers and panelists and let’s catch up! They’re even offering a discount on your ticket if you use my code “GOANDGLOW” on the Eventbrite website. So don’t wait til the last minute because there are only a few tickets left. Click >> here  <<.

And again, if you’re interested in the conference call, reply back and I’ll put one together for all of us. 


XO, Natasha