Taking the Road Less Traveled

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Hi, Glowers!

We’ve all read the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. We understand the irony of a man who has come to a fork-in-the-road and needs to make a decision whether to go down a beaten path or take the road less traveled with unknown certainties.

How does this classic piece of literature apply to our lives now? Simple. Every day we’re faced with decisions that will (in either minor or major ways) affect our lives. Should we stay with our companies that we’ve been working for for the last 5 years or should we take that new job offer that sounds relatively interesting? But the thought of letting go of the familiarity of your coworkers and Jeans Fridays and the holiday parties scares you.

Or how about that boyfriend who you’ve been with for 3 years and who knows your family well and understands your mood swings and favorites of pretty much everything –  to trying someone new who isn’t verbally abusive to you and who has goals he’s trying to accomplish.

What about that opportunity to move to LA to pursue that acting career? I guess you could put it off for one more year to continue working to pay down some student loan debt.

Ahhh! You will NEVER take the road less traveled if you continue to play it safe or be stagnant and unimaginative. God wants you to take risks. He wants you to trust Him. He wants to see how adventurous you can be and in return give Him all the glory for when things DO actually work out! …because they will.

You’ve just got to understand that what you want to happen, you have to create. But you also have to understand that what you want will be something that our eyes cannot see. It’s only something the mind can conceptualize. You dont actually see it until you’ve taken a few steps to get closer to it. Whatever that IT is.

More importantly, God wants you to start trusting yourself more. You can’t and shouldn’t rely on man, but you should get still and be quiet for a while and understand that God is inside of you and you have to listen to hear His voice. And His voice will guide you.

It’s like when a plane is having a little turbulence – everyone gets quiet to listen to the pilot or flight attendant’s instructions or announcement. You have to understand that whatever new decision you’re thinking about making has to absolutely be aligned with God’s purpose and plan for you. And once you verify that – there’s no reason to wait or put a halt to what is destined for you.

The reason that road is LESS TRAVELED is because there are more people who give up on their dreams and the dedication it takes to out-work someone else and sacrifice time. That path is less traveled because most people want to fit in and live in the ordinary and safe cocoon of a fixed schedule of working, coming home to watch tv and then do it all over again the next day.

Most people just enjoy the idea of having a dream and telling people about it but never committing to it or executing it. And almost majority of people LOVE to watch other people go after their dreams so that they can sit back and be the critic and judge how awful they executed their SAME EXACT dream.

My challenge to you is to take that road less traveled. Leave that job for the new one. Break-up with that lazy, uninspired boyfriend and get with the one who has some goals. Move to LA or even out of the country and go implant yourself in a new environment! Go after what you can’t see…because it’s there and it’ll show up eventually. You have to believe in magic. You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in God.

I hope you have an abundance of love and light in your life.

Until the next blog post, GO AND GLOW!

xo, Natasha

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