One Special Way to Say Thank You and I’m Thinking of You

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Hey, Glowers!

Today’s essentials for my arsenal includes:

1. A 314-page special edition O Magazine book called Dream Big.

2. My journal.

3. My personalized Thank You notes that I’m writing to a few people today.

When I was little, a friend of our family bought me my first personalized stationery set, to which my grandparents then taught me about the importance of hand-writing ‘thank you’s’ and ‘thinking of you’ cards to people I’m grateful for. That stationery set and life lesson were 2 of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

And my close friends, family and even a few favorite former coworkers probably have about 5 of these kinds of cards from me over the years (that’s how many sets I’ve had! Ha!)

I like to sit down and let God use me to write to people I’m thinking about and grateful for and let them know. No special holiday is needed. Gratitude is my attitude.

So who are you gonna write to today? Or who can you encourage? I challenge you to spread some love and light today and hand-write a personal letter or card to that person you’re grateful for and thinking about. Appreciation and edification is a beautiful thing.

Until the next post, GO and GLOW!

xo, Natasha Cole

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  1. This is a great post Natasha, I know you’re too young to remember but I remember when the only way to communicate with my cousins long distance and economically was to write a letter. I miss those days, I also miss getting my Christmas cards in the mail, everyone wants to send them via eCard.

    Writing personal letters and thank you notes are truly a lost art.

    Lukeither, Founder

    • Hi Lukeither! You’re totally right! I love getting mail from friends and family. I hope this post inspires people to start writing again. Thank you for visiting the blog!

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