What’s Your Why?

I love talking about my “Why” and I love getting my clients to discover their “why” as well. So, I’m playing a fun game with Courtney Sanders of @thinkngrowchick and her followers to get people to make a collage and share their “whys” with her and other women.
Why 1: I wrote this in my “About” section of my blog last year because I think it’s important for people to know what matters to you and what you’re work towards. So, my “why” for The #GoandGlowProject is to empower women to go out and achieve the things they’ve been wanting to do but don’t know how. I want to equip women with marketing, personal development and business strategies to help them become a powerful force in their businesses and in their personal lives.
Why 2: I’m building my brand to continue to travel the world and have the freedom to explore the world. I’ve had the fortunate experience to live abroad in China and travel a very tiny corner of the world, and now I need to complete my dream of visiting every continent. And not just to take photos and eat cultural food, but to go work in the trenches of communities in Africa and speak to young women and help shape a different set of expectancies for their lives and what they think is possible.
Why 3: I’m building my brand to one day join forces with 3 of the most powerful, influential black women in the world: Oprah, Beyonce and First Lady Michelle Obama. I want to work on campaigns, form partnerships and do philanthropic work alongside these women in the name of The Go and Glow Project and God. I’ve already asked God to increase my territory and influence, so the stars and the universe are forming their alignment as we speak.
Why 4: I want to pour into our young girls and teens here in the states and be a catalyst for self-esteem and purpose-driven living for them.
Why 5: I’m building my brand to have a legacy to give to my future children. And to also have a successful marriage that models healthy black families.
So, do you #knowyourwhy? Use that hashtag and #ThinkandGrowChick and share your why!

Until the next post,

Go and Glow!

Natasha Cole


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