Product Description

E-Book + Information Product Creation Strategy Session

Do you have an information product that you want to sell but have no idea where to start, how to self-publish it, what it should be about or what product to create?

Are you a:

  • Health/Fitness Expert or Trainer
  • Business/Marketing Consultant/Life Coach
  • Blogger
  • Finance/Tax Consultant
  • Boutique Owner
  • Chef/Baker
  • Event Planner
  • MomPreneur
  • Makeup Artist/Fashion Stylist + MORE

Hire me to take your vision and your knowledge and craft an information product that you can sell to your niche demographic. Let’s make you a perfect how-to DVD to teach your clients step-by-step how to do whatever it is that they love that YOU do. Or let me coach you on how to write your e-book about your industry, your experiences and your craft. There are so many directions we could take your information product in – and I’m excited to help!


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