Welcome to Go and Glow TV!

The biggest dream I could ever dream for myself has been to inspire people and I always wanted to do that on TV. So, what better way to reach the world and spread my Love and Light than through a video series, right? The Go and Glow TV episodes will be housed here on the blog, but you should also subscribe to my Youtube channel to get my latest content. And please share whatever you may find motivating and applicable to your life. I’d also love to interview guests who are lighting up the world with their greatness, so contact me or leave a comment about someone I should be following and inviting on the show.  

Go and Glow TV! Episode 01: Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes  

This episode is about allowing yourself to start on that project you’ve been wanting to start on and being OK with making mistakes and learning as you go. Just go out there and do the things that inspire you and worry about the fine details later!

Go and Glow TV! Episode 02: Manifesting Peace in Your Life

This episode is about getting rid of the distractions and disruptors in your life in order to manifest peace and harmony in the 5 important areas of your life: Your Passion and Purpose, Your Body and Mind, Your Social Life, Your Plans to Live an Abundant Life and Your Own Self-Acceptance.


Go and Glow TV! Episode 03: Resources to Cope with Stress

This episode is about finding ways to empower yourself throughout your day with an arsenal of resources to help you cope with and reduce stress. My arsenal contains a personal development book, a notebook, a journal, Mandarin flashcards, a laptop, and water to combat stress. What’s in your arsenal? Leave comments below and share!

Go and Glow TV! Episode 04: Tourist Travel Tips

This episode is about getting out of your hotel when you’re on vacation and exploring the culture around you. I went to Puerto Rico and got to chat with the locals and eat some amazing food, so this is a quick video about how fun traveling can be when you get out of your hotel and immerse yourself in the culture. There will be more travel tips episodes coming soon!

Go and Glow TV! ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This video is my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Let’s all bring awareness to this neurodegenerative disease and also donate money to the ALS association at www.alsa.org. Nominate your friends to do the challenge and spread the word.

Go and Glow TV! Episode 05: Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Hey Glowers! This episode is about how staying positive and giving good energy to the universe will dictate how successful you’ll be in your relationships, in your business, and in your life.


Go and Glow TV! Episode 06: Get Closer to Your Light

Hey, Glowers! I was blessed to visit this LightHouse off the coast of Turks and Caicos islands and I learned about how the ships that were wrecked would stop here and stay at this LightHouse for shelter, warmth and to recharge. It’s such a beautiful metaphor for when we’re experiencing adversity in our lives that we should seek the Light to recharge. That Light is truth. That Light is God. That Light is nature. That Light is the universe. That Light is You. The LIGHT is always inside of you.

***Please excuse the wind and the audio on this one.***

Go and Glow TV! Episode 07: Being Present 

Hey, Glowers! This episode is about being in the moment with the people you’re with and the place you’re at. We’re consumed by social media and our phones and sometimes we forget to fellowship with our family and friends when we’re around them. I challenge you and your friends and family to pile your phones on top of each other on the table the next time you eat together. And as a fun game, I challenge you to recall 15 things that happened while you were all together at dinner, a concert or football game. Let’s see how much you remember about the event. And let’s start giving our attention to people and things that matter while they’re here. The best gift you can give someone is your time, so respect others when they give it to you.


Go and Glow TV! Episode 08: The Top 10 Leadership Qualties

Hey Glowers!

On Episode 8 of #GoandGlowTV, I’m discussing the top 10 leadership attributes to have for success based on the personal development and business bible “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Take a look, take notes and then order the book online. Let me know what you thought about it after you’ve read it and feel free to share your favorite business books below!




Go and Glow TV! Episode 09: How to be Successful – Your Story of Excellence

Hey Glowers!
This episode of Go and Glow TV! talks about the 5 areas of your life you strive to be excellent in. We have the power to create possibilities for our new way of being and we can rewrite our story of excellence. How do you want to occur in the world? How do you want to show up in your relationships? What kind of impact do you want to have? Watch this video and complete the exercise and share your new story of excellence below!